About us

We are the main real estate agency in Guardamar del Segura

“El Moncayo Properties International" was born in 2003 as a family company in Guardamar del Segura. A signature that is still loyal with it's way of working offering a close and personalized service. The Medina brothers (José Ramón and Antonio) founded this real estate agency in Guardamar del Segura to meet the needs of those who wished to buy a property around the south of the Costa Blanca.

The name of El Moncayo comes from their grandfather's profession, who dedicated his life to the agricultural exploitation of plantations of diverse fruits in the place known like El Moncayo (from El Oliverón) next to the mountain that has the same name. This little mountain offers from the top some of the most incredible views of the Mediterranean sea. We decided to give to the company the name of these lands so we could always remember where our origins came from and to honor all the hard work done by our ancestors. The word Properties is included to specify the activity of the company and following International explains our will to expand, for in these years we have had the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world.

At El Moncayo Properties we can assure that we can help you in the search for the perfect property. We have more than ten years experience, we know the area and the properties perfectly and, most importantly, we know which one you are looking for. The south of the Costa Blanca is our most important area of action and we have a wide portfolio of real estate in which we are sure we have that special one that is meant for you.

Our other identity mark is our logo. An image that is represented by three pink flamingos, common in this area. These beautiful migratory birds can be found at the lake in La Mata, only 500 metres away from the mountain of El Moncayo.

For some years now, we have located our headquarters in the heart of Guardamar del Segura. We aim to be closer to the citizens, tourists and any clients along with the rest of the amenities of the town.

In the real estate sector, which has changed so much in recent years, we have specialized, in addition to buyers of Spanish nationality, with the customers of North and Central Europe, since they are the ones who are most demanding the purchase of a home in the South of the Costa Blanca. For this, we have a large sales department ready to serve anyone in their own language.

Throughout these years, we have turned El Moncayo Properties into an experienced company that handles 100% of the entire pre-sale, sale and post-sale process to give the greatest facilities to the customer.

If you wish to buy a house on the South of the Costa Blanca, you can sure count on us.