How to sleep cool naturally

9 Jul 2019
How to sleep cool naturally

Summer is what it has, its nights suffocating, wet and hot. It's hard to escape their claws, but there are things you can do to be more comfortable. And, also, naturally. Are here:

- Place a fan that focuses towards your window to prevent heat from entering your bedroom. And, if you have another, you should place it directed towards the inside with a bowl full of ice in front of the blades.

- Drink lots of water because the body uses it to evacuate heat.

- Dinner a little because this way your body will not have to produce much heat to make the digestion.

- Take a warm shower before going to sleep and you will reduce your body temperature.

- Fill a rubber bag with hot water with cold water or crushed ice. You can pass it on the surface of the bed before going to bed or also leave it to your body while you sleep.

- Keep your feet always fresh because heat enters the extremities. Wash them before you sleep and remove them from the bed.

- Lay a wet sheet on your window to scare away the heat. It's a grandma trick, but it works.

- Turn off all the lights and electrical appliances in your bedroom. Completely, the stand-by is not valid because it continues to emanate heat. It replaces incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents that produce the same light but use one fifth of the energy and, therefore, emit less heat.